Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CR90 Corellian Corvette

The CR90 Corellian Corvette is a great ship for exploiting the Galactic Empire's weaknesses. It's lack of sufficient shields and firepower is irrelevant due to its habit of sitting behind enemy Star Destroyers and shooting them where they are weakest. This is one of the largest nuisances Empire players have to deal with, probably between Nebulan Bs that just will not die, and losing your fighters because they got lucky roles on your interceptors.

I took the picture below myself, there is no need to make copyright complaints.

The two greatest advantages of this ship are its versatility and expendability. Flanking behind the enemy and giving them a surprise prostate exam always works well with this ship because few imperial ships can keep up with it. It can also be used for supporting fire. With its inexpensive point cost someone could also just use it to wither down enemy shields before engaging with their larger ships.

I have seen some great games where people have used the CR90 to defeat some rather hefty enemy fleets. When used wisely the CR90 Corellian Corvette is quite a formidable tool of war. Please comment on how you use this ship, if you even care about this game, or if you are disappointed that this is the last post I will ever make.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Raider Class Corvette

Fantasy Flight implemented the imperial raider class corvette incorrectly. The galactic empire is no match against the rebel alliance when it comes to fighters, and this would have been the perfect counter to the rebel's most significant advantage. If I were to put this ship in armada, it would not be too overpowered but would have better dice when dealing with fighters and have a higher point cost. The Empire never had a tiny ship like this one to be a nuisance for the other player so it was somewhat necessary. The raider class corvette is still decent against fighters but it cannot hold multiple of them off for very long.
This ship will be commonly used to taunt the opposing player and direct his attention away from the rest of your fleet and it is quite expendable so amuse oneself with it as you please. I have used a tactic with this ship that is not as effective as it entertaining. What you need to do is deploy multiple raider classes with a single victory or gladiator class and whatever fighters you want, then make all your raider classes ram into your opponent's ships for direct hull damage. Please comment if you have a better method of suicide rushing your opponents or if you just enjoyed the content in general.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gladiator Class Star Destroyer

The Gladiator Class Star Destroyer is a quite a decent ship. It is especially useful when given the "Demolisher" upgrade. Being able to put yourself where you want before you shoot a second time makes putting large holes in your enemy's fragile spots rather simple.

Even without significant upgrades the Gladiator Class is still a good ship. The plethora of black dice on each hull zone has allotted the Gladiator Class to shred any Mc30c frigate that gets too close. Nebulon Bs will become easy targets when you use the Gladiator Class correctly. Point your front hull at its sides and end its life swiftly. I typically use at least one Gladiator Class in all my imperial builds. Please comment your opinions on the Gladiator Class or how you use it in battles.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mc30c Frigate

The Mc30c frigate has no chance of defeating an imperial class star destroyer in a one on one engagement, but any ship weaker than an imperial class is going to make the empire player regret playing empire against this absurdly unbalanced frigate. The cost in points is about ten less than the victory class star destroyer, but that seems to be irrelevant as frigate has a greater total number of shields and just as good if not better firing arcs. The victory class star destroyers will only have a chance if keep the frigate in their front firing arc, but that would almost be impossible because the Mc30c frigate can move at speed four. Only having four hull points should put it at a disadvantage but there are too many shields and too much speed for this to be a balanced "glass cannon". I believe its role was supposed to be a fast moving, hard hitting, small and weak frigate that moves in and out of imperial fleets and do large amounts of damage to weak spots on star destroyers but it can easily join the main rebel force in a tight formation with a mark II assault frigate and a MC80 star cruiser to do large amounts of damage as the other ships take all the hits. The Mc30c frigate is a great ship and is a plethora of fun when used to enrage your opponents. Please leave a comment if you disagree with my rant about an expensive plastic toy.

Monday, October 19, 2015

B-wing Squadrons

In the game of Star Wars Armada B-wing squadrons are slow, do very little damage, and are not very cheap but they are still my favorite, so I will share my opinions and ideas on them with all of you. It adds more of a challenge to use them primarily as fighters which makes you look much better when you destroy your opponent in fighter combat. To use B-wings to engage the main force of fighters and use A-wings to hunt down evasive interceptors while your Y-wings tear apart star destroyers has proved to me to be great fighter tactic that does not include X-wings.
I like to keep my B-wings close to my nebulon B and keep it at speed 2 in a tight formation with my other ships. I wouldn't suggest the B-wings unless you just want to mess around. The most common problem people have with B-wings is in Star Wars in general, all the other rebel fighters look like the letter they are named after but the B-wing is rebel that doesn't care about uniformity. In my opinion, B-wings are in more of a "t" shape. Please leave a comment if you even bother use these in fleets or if you worship them because of the small amount of damage they do. Also, comment if t-shaped B-wings give you anxiety.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Mark 2 Assault Frigate

In my opinion the mark 2 assault frigate is the most useful rebel ship so far. This thing is ridiculously powerful. It does seem a bit fast for only having the one disproportionately small rocket thruster, but it has to move at speed 3 so it does not get demolished by gladiator class star destroyers. It also has excessively powerful firing arcs that when aided by a corellian corvette can easily destroy a victory class star destroyer. This ship also has great shields, it is well protected in every hull zone unlike the victory class.
This ship will become obsolete when the imperial class is released and obliterates everything in it's path. You probably will encounter it most when someone is just trying to fill the few points they had left in their fleet. It is an effective weapon for now but when against ships that hit like a train it might not do so well.

At first I did not like this assault frigate but now that I have begun to use it more I really appreciate it. It is much more challenging to play as empire when put against these. Please share your your opinions on the mark 2 assault frigate with me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Armada and Opinions

Star Wars Armada is a miniatures game about ship maneuvering and fleet tactics. I decided to focus on Armada instead of other miniatures games because I do not have other miniatures games. I have spent a lot of time on Star Wars Armada and believe I know enough to share my opinions on it.

Many people who read this might not know exactly what a miniatures game is, so I hope I will be able to enlighten certain viewers with knowledge of these games. There is also a chance that people will find this very boring. I find this game quite entertaining and would like to change some opinions on it.